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A series of seven fun and informative short “how to” documentaries showing simple things people can do around their homes and businesses to change how storm water leaves their landscapes and how anyone can be a steward of their watersheds.

Copies of all seven films are available for free on DVD, digital download and other high resolution formats.
Email or phone 866-563-3107 to request your copy.

Episode 1

“What the Heck is Storm Water Run Off & Why is it a Problem?” This video describes the many negative impacts polluted storm water runoff has on human health and the environment.”

Episode 2

“Lawn Be Gone” A quick introduction to the many benefits of getting rid of your lawn and how to do it!.”

Episode 3

“Redirect Your Down Spout. Make the Water Go Out and About” How to use storm water from your roof as a resource for your garden by disconnecting the path it traditionally takes to the storm drain.”

Episode 4

“Grass Can Always Be Greener” If you decide to keep your lawn, what can you do to make it stay green, take less green (cash) to maintain and still be green for the environment?’

Episode 5

“Digging up the Dirt on Soil” Building healthy soil builds healthy plants and can save water. Healthy soil acts like a sponge and soaks up much of the water that would otherwise run off the landscape. Learn how to transform your dirt at home into a thriving ecosystem.

Episode 6

“Breaking Up in Easy to Do” Breaking up hard spaces in your landscape at home can really help in slowing the flow of water from storms or irrigation! This episode provides some design ideas and information on eliminating hardscapes in your neighborhood.”

Episode 7

“Swales are Swell and So Are Rain Gardens” When rain hits hard surfaces, it runs off and is collected by the storm drain system and can end up polluting the water body it drains to. This video focuses on alternatives to directing water off your property through creating depressions in your landscape that slow the flow.”