LA Maestra

La Maestra

La Maestra Film Digital Version


La Maestra DVD — Personal Viewing
For home viewing only. $15 post paid. Pay via Paypal to order, and DVD will be sent upon payment
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La Maestra DVD — Educational Viewing
For use in schools and libraries. $50 post paid. Pay via Paypal to order, and DVD will be sent upon payment
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La Maestra Ltd. Ed. Silk Screened Poster
Only 30 available! Created by famous CA poster artist El Colacion. Hand numbered and hand printed. $30 post paid. Pay via Paypal to order, and poster will be sent upon payment
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La Maestra Small Printed Poster
a print version of El Colacion’s silk screened poster. Signed by the filmmakers. $20 post paid. Pay via Paypal to order, and poster will be sent upon payment
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Coastal Clash

Elizabeth Pepin, Creator & Producer/Director
“The struggle between California’s… policy of public beaches versus the
influence of… private interests is thoughtfully explored in “Coastal Clash.”
(San Diego Union-Tribune)


Girl in the Curl

Elizabeth Pepin, Contributing Photographer
The first illustrated history of women surfers, Girl in the Curl captures an important
and overlooked part of the sport’s past. Author Andrea Gabbard explores 100 years
of women in surfing, offering portraits of famous wave-riders and anecdotes of surf


Harlem of the West

Elizabeth Pepin, Author
Mellow memories emerge in this consummate, tightly edited look back at an
exuberant way of life in San Francisco’s Fillmore District during the 1940s and ’50s,
when dozens of blues, R&B and jazz joints flourished amid businesses run by
African-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Filipino-Americans.
(Publisher’s Weekly Review, 2006)


One Winter Story

One Winter Story DVD – North American Version


$20 postage paid. Pay via Paypal to order now. DVD will be sent within ten days of receipt of payment.



All photographs on this site are for sale. Please email for prices. When emailing, please specify if you would like the image printed on glossy or matte paper, and either full frame or with a white border, and also what size you would like. Sizes available are: 5×7; 8×10; 11×14; 16×24; and 24×36. Some images can also be printed 30×40.

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Sister Surfer

Elizabeth Pepin, Principal Photographer

Longboard pro Mary Osborne teams with surfer Kia Afcari to write this guide for women who surf, and, more importantly, for those women who have always dreamed of paddling out beyond the breakers and catching the ideal wave. Sister Surfer is more than a technical manual filled with gorgeous images. It is also an inspirational guide, a handbook to freeing the spirit and overcoming the barriers of the world and of the self.


Surfer Girls in the New World Order

Elizabeth Pepin, Principal Photographer

Author Krista Comer explores surfing as a local and global subculture, looking at how the culture of surfing has affected and been affected by girls, from baby boomers to members of Generation Y. She develops the concept of “girl localism” to argue that the experience of fighting for waves and respect in male-majority surf breaks, along with advocating for the health and sustainable development of coastal towns and waterways, has politicized women surfers around the world.


Surfing: Women of the Waves

Elizabeth Pepin, Principal Photographer

As the official counterculture sport of the 1960s, surfing was not just a sport but a lifestyle, one long, sun-drenched beach party with endless waves and music, as well as an unapologetically masculine culture. This notion has since been disproved by generations of amazing female surfers who have made an indelible mark on the sport. Surfing: Women of the Waves highlights some of these extraordinary women.


Charcutier. Salumiere. Wurstmeister

Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Principal Photographer and Filmmaker

A new perspective to meat science: A key to the ancient Craft and Skill of the European Masters to create high quality pork meat products. A video completes the book: The Art and Philosophy of producing quality pork products.