construction permit

On The Water Front Creative produced and directed a ten minute how-to film for construction project managers, teaching them how to comply with California State Water Quality Control Board’s requirements.

Production Credits

Director/ Producer/Writer
Elizabeth Pepin Silva

Kirk Goldberg

Music Composed and Performed by
Neal Casal

Elizabeth Pepin Silva

Additional Footage
Brian Currier

Executive Producers
Brian Currier, Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento
Annalisa Kihara, Water Board Academy, College of Storm Water

Special Thanks
Greg Gearheart
Margie Youngs
Eric Berntsen
Patrick Otsuji
Russell Foster
Reema Mukhtar
Andy Brownell
Pulte Group
UC Davis Extension

And all of the
Assistant Executive Officers of the
The Regional Water Quality Control Boards

Copyright 2013, California State Water Resources Control Board

On The Water Front Creative